Techies Book Rental Web App

These are screenshots of the Techies Book Rental web application. This application grants authorised and authenticated users access to edit/browse book, customer  and rental information. It is powered by AngularJS, ASP.Net MVC 5Javascript, ASP.Net Web API 2, HTML5, C#, KendoUI, Entity Framework, LINQ and SQL Server 2016.

Open Source utilities like AutoMapperTwitter Bootstrap 3, Autofac (Inversion of Control Container), NPM,  Toastr.js (Notification), Bower, Morris.js (Charts), JQuery, Raty (Rating), JQuery Fancy Box (image display) and Font Awesome were employed in the development.

Please click on the left image to show an enlarged version, then use the arrows on either side to see the rest.

The text under the bottom left hand corner of each image provides some description and the bottom right hand side shows your progress (please start from page 1 to gain a better understanding of the system).